700 Abundance Affirmations

I am abundant
Abundance suits me
My life is abundant
I am financially free
I am living abundantly
Money and I are friends
I am a magnet for money
Abundance and I are one
I am an abundance magnet
Prosperity is my destiny
I am extremely successful
Abundance finds me easily
Prosperity is drawn to me
I am living my dream life
I am surrounded by wealth
Abundance is my birthright
My actions generate wealth
I always live in abundance
I am unlimited in my wealth
Abundance is my middle name
Less is a path to abundance
Prosperity is my birthright
Abundance is my divine right
Abundance is now in my reach
I am surrounded by abundance
I am abundant now and always
I am worthy of a wealthy life
Prosperity is filling my life
I am in the flow of abundance
I deserve financial abundance
I find abundance in simplicity
Wealth is expanding in my life
Wealth is pouring into my life
I exist in an abundant universe
I attract abundance and success
I am ready to receive abundance
My abundance is forever growing
I am living a life of abundance
My wealth shines from within me
Affluence is my default setting
Wealth and abundance flow to me
I am worthy of a prosperous life
Every day, I attract more wealth
Abundance is just a thought away
Prosperity flows to me endlessly
I am financially free and secure
My positivity attracts abundance
My life is filled with abundance
Riches flow towards me every day
Prosperity surrounds me everyday
My energy is abundant and endless
I see abundance everywhere I look
Prosperity is mine for the taking
Abundance flows freely through me
Abundant blessings are in my path
I am sailing the sea of abundance
I choose to live an abundant life
Living abundantly is my lifestyle
My future is brimming with wealth
Prosperity finds me wherever I go
I live in a universe of abundance
I am creating a life of abundance
Abundance is my divine birthright
Abundance is my life's soundtrack
I am worthy of financial abundance
My mindset determines my abundance
I am prosperous in everything I do
The wealth of the universe is mine
Greater wealth is on its way to me
My life is a magnet for prosperity
The world is abundant, and so am I
Doors of opportunities open for me
My abundance is constantly growing
I am worthy of living in abundance
Abundance follows me wherever I go
My income is continually increasing
I am a conduit for global abundance
I have abundant energy and vitality
Abundance is limitless, and so am I
Prosperity follows all my endeavors
Every step I take adds to my wealth
The more I give, the more I receive
I am deserving of joy and abundance
I always choose financial abundance
Prosperity is drawn to me naturally
Wealth and success are normal for me
I am living in the flow of abundance
I am worthy of success and abundance
It's a joy to live in such abundance
I will accomplish all my tasks today
Abundance is flowing in my direction
Financial freedom is within my grasp
I am worthy of abundance and success
I see abundance everywhere around me
My actions create constant abundance
Wealth constantly flows into my life
I am designed for positive abundance
Abundant prosperity is my birthright
I am willing to be more abundant now
In my world, everything is plentiful
Financial freedom is within my reach
I am a beacon of wealth and abundance
The universe is generous and abundant
My wealth is increasing exponentially
I am surrounded by love and abundance
My life is overflowing with blessings
I am a beacon for financial abundance
I attract abundance with ease and joy
I am a magnet for financial abundance
My destiny is intertwined with wealth
I am open to the universe's abundance
Wealth is an integral part of my life
Financial blessings come to me easily
I am rich in love, joy, and abundance
I am passionate about building wealth
I am fortunate to have such abundance
My actions create constant prosperity
Financial abundance is part of my DNA
Financial abundance is part of my life
My life is proof of infinite abundance
Abundance and I are in perfect harmony
Every day my path is paved with wealth
Wealth and abundance are my birthright
Opulence is in every aspect of my life
I am a magnet for wealth and abundance
I let go of excess to invite abundance
My heart is open to love and abundance
I am worthy of happiness and abundance
Perfect abundance is my chosen reality
Abundance is attracted to me naturally
Abundance is my natural state of being
I am deserving of wealth and abundance
I receive abundant rewards for my work
Abundance flows freely through my life
I am finding abundance everywhere I go
My words and actions create prosperity
The world’s riches are mine to enjoy
Prosperity and abundance are in my DNA
Abundance flows freely to me every day
I am deserving of abundance in my life
I am surrounded by abundance and wealth
I am worthy of abundance and prosperity
My path is clear to financial abundance
I attract abundant career opportunities
I live in a realm of infinite abundance
Positive energy multiplies my abundance
Success and wealth feel at home with me
Today, I choose happiness and abundance
I am deserving of success and abundance
I am worthy of receiving prosperity now
The abundance I seek is also seeking me
Financial freedom comes naturally to me
Love, happiness, and wealth surround me
I am a magnet for abundance and success
I am able to handle large sums of money
I attract positive energy and abundance
My mind is a powerful magnet for wealth
Unlimited prosperity is part of my life
My financial opportunities are abundant
I am surrounded by an abundance of love
Wealth comes to me from multiple sources
Wealth is a natural part of my existence
Wealth is being drawn to me effortlessly
Healing miracles are abundant in my life
I am financially abundant and prosperous
I am attracting abundance and prosperity
My life is filled with joy and abundance
The world's abundance is within my grasp
I can see abundance everywhere around me
Constant prosperity is a part of my life
I see it. I like it. I want it. I got it
Abundance and success are my birthrights
I always have more than enough abundance
Financial miracles are a part of my life
I choose to embrace abundance in my life
Abundance comes to me in unexpected ways
I am at peace with having a lot of money
My ability to attract wealth is limitless
It is ok for me to have everything I want
My experiences are filled with prosperity
I am open to receiving love and abundance
Every cell of my body radiates prosperity
I flourish in the abundance of the cosmos
I deserve the best and it comes to me now
Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
I am aligned with the energy of abundance
I am deserving of an abundance of success
Wealth and abundance respect my hard work
Abundance flows effortlessly into my life
Overflowing prosperity is the norm for me
I am empowered to create an abundant life
I am surrounded by professional abundance
The universe trusts me with its abundance
I am now accumulating large sums of money
My support system is diverse and abundant
With a grateful heart, I attract abundance
I thrive in a state of financial abundance
Abundance and prosperity are my birthright
Every cent I invest returns with abundance
I am deserving of a wealthy, abundant life
My wealth consciousness is expanding daily
I am a magnet for prosperity and abundance
I am a magnet for abundance and prosperity
Opportunities for abundance are everywhere
My financial future is secure and abundant
There is an abundance of wealth in my life
I am grateful for the abundance in my life
I am deserving of abundance and prosperity
My life is a reflection of abundant living
I create prosperity easily and effortlessly
I am open to receiving wealth in many forms
I am surrounded by abundance and prosperity
Opportunities are abundant in my life today
I am worthy of success, love, and abundance
I welcome abundance in all areas of my life
Abundance and prosperity are my birthrights
I attract wealth and abundance into my life
Success and abundance are my natural states
I am surrounded by positivity and abundance
My heart overflows with spiritual abundance
There is always more than enough in my life
I am the embodiment of wealth and abundance
All my needs and desires are met abundantly
I am open to receiving abundance in my life
My life is filled with unlimited prosperity
I am deserving of abundance, no matter what
My reality is creating more and more wealth
Doors of opportunity are always open for me
Empowered and prosperous is my normal state
The universe is an abundance factory for me
With every breath, I attract more abundance
My optimism attracts abundance into my life
I am surrounded by love, joy, and abundance
My mind is a magnet for wealth and abundance
Every day is a new chance for more abundance
I attract abundance and prosperity with ease
In all aspects, my life is full and abundant
I am the creator of my success and abundance
Every day, I attract more wealth and success
I celebrate the abundance of love in my life
My life is bountiful and filled with success
I am deserving of abundance in all its forms
My heart is open to love, joy, and abundance
My world is rich, abundant, and ever-growing
Abundance vibrates in all aspects of my life
Opportunities for prosperity are multiplying
The universe conspires to give me prosperity
The universe amplifies my efforts abundantly
Blessings of abundance fill my life each day
I am now receiving massive amounts of wealth
I am open to receiving success and abundance
Every day abundance is increasing in my life
I attract success, abundance, and prosperity
The universe wants me to have great abundance
Abundance flows to me effortlessly and easily
Every decision leads me to greater prosperity
I am surrounded by an abundance of positivity
Today, I radiate success, abundance, and love
Every cell in my body vibrates with abundance
I celebrate the abundant happiness in my life
Every moment brings more abundance in my life
I am in alignment with earning abundant money
I am blessed with immense power and abundance
I am open to receiving all forms of abundance
Abundance comes to me easily and effortlessly
I find abundance in the simplicity of my life
The treasures of peace are abundant within me
My path is constantly aligning with abundance
I attract wellness and abundance into my life
I effortlessly attract abundance into my life
I dance to the rhythms of wealth and abundance
Every step I take is a step towards prosperity
My mind is focused on abundance and prosperity
I am creating an abundant life full of success
I am worthy of abundance and all its blessings
Abundance is my birthright, and I claim it now
Overflowing wealth and prosperity is my nature
I will manifest positivity and abundance today
I am abundant in health, wealth, and happiness
I am living a life of abundance and prosperity
I attract prosperity with each thought I think
I am worthy of abundance and financial success
I am grateful for everything I receive in life
Abundance is within me, abundance is around me
I am creating a life of affluence and abundance
The world is rich, and I share in its abundance
I am deserving of receiving financial abundance
My life is filled with prosperity and abundance
Every decision I make leads to financial growth
My wealth is a reflection of my inner abundance
My life is filled with abundance and prosperity
I possess an abundance of creativity and energy
The universe is endlessly abundant, and so am I
Money flows to me effortlessly and in abundance
My abundance is expanding and growing every day
With a smile, I invite love, abundance, and joy
Affluence and luxury are becoming my new normal
I am open to receiving love, joy, and abundance
The universe’s gifts are abundant and endless
Life responds by bringing more abundance my way
I attract abundance and prosperity effortlessly
I am free to create a life of joy and abundance
Wealth and abundance are circulating in my life
Wealth is a reflection of my internal abundance
Financial abundance is simply a decision I make
I am open to receiving abundance and prosperity
Prosperity is my birthright, and I claim it now
I am a magnet for kindness, love, and abundance
The universe supports my dreams and aspirations
Success and prosperity follow me everywhere I go
My actions align with the frequency of abundance
I am deserving of love and receive it abundantly
Giving and receiving wealth is a part of my life
My wealth and abundance are increasing every day
My abundance is constantly growing and expanding
I am becoming more and more prosperous every day
Opportunities for growth and success surround me
When I speak my needs, I receive them abundantly
I attract success and abundance in my profession
All areas of my life are abundant and fulfilling
Money showers over me in avalanches of abundance
I am content with less and abundant in gratitude
My positive mindset attracts money and abundance
My life is ever expanding with endless abundance
With my mind, I attract abundance and prosperity
I create financial abundance through my passions
I choose to live an abundant and prosperous life
I am surrounded by an abundance of opportunities
I am a positive channel for wealth and abundance
I am a master at manifesting wealth and abundance
My journey is abundant with wealth and prosperity
I am connected to a limitless source of abundance
My wealth and abundance are constantly increasing
I am surrounded by love, happiness, and abundance
There is a wealth of opportunities in front of me
I banish the past and now live in the wealthy now
I am always in the flow of love's abundant energy
I am grateful for the abundance of joy in my life
My prosperity thoughts create my prosperous world
Success and abundance flow naturally into my life
I am the epicenter of a financial abundance quake
The universe supports my abundance and prosperity
I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me
I use my mind to manifest happiness and abundance
I am open and receptive to all forms of abundance
Every morning, I attract abundance and positivity
Love flows through me effortlessly and abundantly
I am aligned with the universe's abundance of joy
The universe constantly showers me with prosperity
I am creating a life filled with abundance and joy
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