800+ Engagement Messages

You are my forever after
May you live happily ever after
Congratulations on your engagement!
Warm wishes to you and your partner
Congratulations to a beautiful couple
Warm wishes to you on your engagement
Together forever – Congratulations!
Congratulations to the perfect couple!
You are the one I want to grow old with
Congratulations! I’m so happy for you
Sending my best wishes on your engagement!
So thrilled to hear your big news! Congrats!
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together
You two are perfect together. Congratulations
With love like yours, the best is yet to come
I look forward to a lifetime of love with you
Woohoo! So excited for you and your fiancée!
Celebrating my favorite newly engaged couple!
Love always finds its way. Cheers to you two!
Congratulations! I'm so happy for both of you!
Your love is the kind of magic we all wish for
Congrats! Warmest wishes to my favorite couple
Congratulations to the future bride and groom!
Congrats on avoiding becoming a crazy cat lady!
May your love story be a beacon of hope and joy
The future holds so many happy tales for you two
Engaged to be each other's forever. Best wishes!
I can't wait to see what the future holds for us
Engaged! And on a journey to a beautiful forever
Your love story is both an inspiration and a joy
Your love story is nothing short of a fairy tale
Engaged and in love, you two are truly inspiring
The love and joy of engagement are just the start
You two light up each other's world. Best wishes!
Happy engagement. You two make a beautiful couple
May your wedding day be a happy and memorable one
Engaged to the love of your life. Congratulations!
Your engagement story will be one to tell for ages
May your love continue to inspire all who know you
Engaged! Your love story is truly one for the ages
Here's to many years of love and laughter together
Engaged and in love, your journey is truly special
May your love story always have a fairytale ending
Happy engagement to the most amazing couple I know!
Wishing you both love that grows stronger every day
Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world
From engagement to forever, may your love only grow
Celebrate the love that binds you. Congratulations!
Engaged and ready for a lifetime of shared memories
Cheers to love, laughter, and a splendid engagement
Your engagement news warms our hearts. Best wishes!
Your love story makes us all believe in fairy tales
Engaged! You two are writing a beautiful love story
Engaged! A single word that marks a lifetime of love
So thrilled for you both! This is just the beginning
Engaged and embarking on a lifetime of shared dreams
Cheers to the promise of a lifetime filled with love
Your love is a testament to what true love should be
Here's to every joyous moment that your future holds
The sparkle in your eyes tells the tale of your love
Cheers to the joy and promise your engagement brings
Engaged to be each other's forever. Congratulations!
My warmest wishes to both of you on this special day
With this engagement, may your love and joy multiply
Engaged! Wishing you endless joy in this new chapter
Two hearts, one path. Best wishes on your engagement!
You two are a couple made in heaven. Congratulations!
The journey of a lifetime starts with the word "Yes!"
You two getting engaged is the highlight of the year!
Here's to the new chapter filled with dreams and love
Here's to forever! May your love continue to flourish
The bond of engagement is a sacred promise of forever
You're the love of my life, and I'll never let you go
Wishing you an engagement and a life filled with love
The beauty of engagement lies in the promise it holds
Your hearts are now forever intertwined. Best wishes!
Here's to love, laughter, and your happily ever after
Your engagement is a testament to your beautiful bond
Your love story is a blend of romance, fun, and magic
Wishing you all the joy and love engagement can bring
Your love story is the dream that everyone wishes for
Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness together
You two are the epitome of true love. Congratulations!
You two were always destined for great things together
Happy engagement, my partner in life and love forever!
Engaged! Here's to a life filled with dreams come true
Your journey ahead promises a lot of love and sunshine
Engaged and elated! May your love story shine brightly
Engagement is the first step to a life that is forever
A promise of love, a future together. Congratulations!
The joy of engagement is just the beginning. Congrats!
Happy engagement to the loveliest couple in the world!
Cheers to the beautiful love story that has just begun
To a wonderful bride and groom to be! Congratulations!
Your love is the kind everyone dreams of. Best wishes!
The perfect duo has made it official. Congratulations!
Congratulations! What a wonderful and welcome surprise
May your union be blessed with love, joy, and laughter
The dream you both cherish is now a reality. Congrats!
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