1000+ Good Night Messages

Sleep tight!
Nighty night!
All tucked in?
Goodnight, babe
Sleep well, dear
Rest well, my love
Sleep with a smile
Rest easy, my love
Float off to sleep
Good night, my love
Sleep well, my love
Goodnight, my heart
Sleep snug as a bug
Blanket up, dream on
Sleep tight, my love
Dreamland is calling
Lights out, dreams on
Sweet dreams, my love
Nighty night, my dear
Hug your pillow tight!
Sweet dreams, handsome
Dream sweetly, my love
Drift off to dreamland
Curl up and drift away
Goodnight, sleep tight
Good night and rest up
Dream big, sleep tight
Sleep well, my darling
Sweet dreams, beautiful
Good night, sweetheart!
Off to dreamland you go
I'll be dreaming of you
Sleep tight, my darling
Good night, my princess
Rest your mind and soul
Wishing you a calm night
Sweet dreams, my darling
Dream of all good things
Rest easy and dream well
Sweet dreams, my friend!
Wishing you quiet dreams
Time to visit dreamworld
The stars say good night
Goodnight, my better half
Dive into a sea of dreams
Good night, my sweet wife
Sleep well, my sweetheart
Let the night embrace you
Here's to a restful night
Let dreams whisk you away
Here's to peaceful nights
I'll see you in my dreams
Snuggle up and dream away
Dream sweet dreams tonight
Good night, my lovely wife
Sleep tight, my sweetheart
Let your worries melt away
Off to the land of dreams!
Sweet dreams and rest well
Night's here, off to dream
See you in the dream realm!
Good night and sweet kisses
Good night and sweet dreams
I will dream of you tonight
May you have peaceful sleep
Let the moon watch over you
Wishing you a night of calm
Sleep deeply and peacefully
Hope you have a dreamy night
Sleep like you're on a cloud
See you in the morning light
Sleep is the best meditation
Till the morning, sleep well
Night, night, sleep so right
Sleep well, my sweet husband
Sleep and let your soul rest
May your dreams be a delight
Sweet dreams and warm wishes
Dream a little dream tonight
Sleep soundly, dream brightly
Another day down, good night!
May you sleep soundly tonight
Dream happy, sleep peacefully
Settle in for a night of rest
Let the night be your comfort
Nights are for dreams, enjoy!
Good night, my beautiful wife
Time to recharge for tomorrow
Sweet dreams, my dear husband
Embrace the magic of the night
Catch some Zzz's and dream big
Thinking of you before I sleep
Until sunrise, sleep with ease
Here's to waking up refreshed!
Rest up, tomorrow is a new day
Good night, my handsome prince
Close your eyes and drift away
Embrace the peace of the night
Moonbeams to lull you to sleep
The stars twinkle just for you
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