90 Body Positivity Affirmations

I love my body
I am beautiful
I love how I look
I embrace my curves
My body is amazing!
Beauty is subjective
My body is a blessing
I love the way I look
I have a beautiful body
I love and accept myself
My body is a work of art
I love my unique features
I love and accept my body
I feel good about my body
My body is perfect for me
I feel confident in my body
I love every part of my body
My identity is not in my body
I am beautiful inside and out
I am perfect just the way I am
I am worthy of feeling beautiful
I release all shame about my body
I love my body just the way it is
I can be happy at any age or size
The "perfect" body does not exist
Body, I love you just as you are!
I am grateful for my healthy body
Every part of my body is beautiful
My weight and age do not define me
My body is beautiful, just as it is
I feel beautiful today and every day
I love and accept my body completely
My body is worthy of love and respect
My body is perfect just the way it is
Being skinny or fat is not my identity
I love and accept my body, just as it is
I choose to wear any clothes that I like
I cherish my body for being all that it is
My body is perfect just the way that it is
I love what I see when I look in the mirror
I only have positive thoughts about my body
I release the negative thoughts about my body
I love and accept my body just as is it today
My body is my body, and I accept it completely
I have caring thoughts and actions for my body
I am defined by who I am, not what I look like
I am confident in my own beauty and uniqueness
I do not need to compare myself to anybody else
I am beautiful just the way I am, flaws and all
I am at peace with the shape and size of my body
I am beautiful at every age and stage of my life
I accept my body the way it is in this very moment
My self worth is not determined by how others see me
I choose to focus on the positive aspects of my body
My body is unique and that is something to celebrate
There is no other body like mine and I celebrate that
My body can change but my worth in this world does not
I am committed to practicing body positivity every day
Life is too short to worry about my body’s appearance
My body is a source of strength, not insecurity or shame
My beauty comes from a place of love and self-acceptance
I will have a positive attitude towards my body every day
The only thing that matters is that I am healthy and happy
Everyone ages, and I accept that as a natural part of life
I choose to promote body positivity and reject body shaming
Body positivity helps me feel more comfortable and confident
My body will change with age, and that is natural and normal
I focus on what my body can do rather than what it looks like
When I look in the mirror I see a healthy fit body that I love
Body positivity lets me embrace my individuality and uniqueness
I love and take care of my body because it's the only one I have
Body positivity allows me to see the beauty in all types of body
My body type is unique to me and I will not compare it to others
My body deserves to be loved, respected, and cared for, every day
I ignore unrealistic beauty standards that can harm mental health
My size, shape, or appearance do not impact my ability to enjoy life
I will not allow my clothing size to dictate how I feel about myself
I choose to focus on what my body can do, rather than what it cannot
The perfect images of people we see on social media are not realistic
I am allowed to feel comfortable and confident in any type of clothing
It doesn't matter what my dress size is as long as I am happy and healthy
I am not striving for the perfect body but rather, a healthy and happy one
Body positivity is about celebrating my uniqueness, and I embrace that fully
I am allowed to feel beautiful and confident, no matter what my size or shape
My body is worthy of love and respect, no matter what anybody else thinks or says
My goal is not to have a dream body, but more importantly to be healthy, happy and confident
I choose to surround myself with people who love and accept my body, and let go of those who do not
Body positivity allows me to love and accept myself, rejecting any unrealistic expectations of society
Aging is a privilege, so I welcome and appreciate my wrinkles and changing body as a natural part of my life
Body positivity helps me feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin, no matter what size or shape I am
Body positivity encourages me to love and accept myself exactly as I am, without striving for an unattainable ideal
Body positivity allows me to see beyond superficial appearances, and appreciate that everyone is beautiful in their own way
I am allowed to be both imperfect and body positive, because body positivity is about celebrating all bodies, flaws and all
Body positivity teaches me to be kinder and more compassionate towards myself and others, and reject judgment and criticism
Body positivity encourages me to embrace my own unique beauty, and reject the pressure to fit into a narrow definition of attractiveness
Body positivity teaches me to love and accept myself unconditionally, and reject the notion that I am only worthy if I look a certain way
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