26 Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Happy birthday to my brother from another mother!
Wishing my bestie the absolute best on their birthday!
A true friend remembers your birthday, but not your age
Best friends are awesome, especially yours. Happy birthday!
Cheers to another trip around the sun! Keep on shining, bestie
Don't think of it as aging, think of it as becoming a classic!
Happy birthday! I think it’s great… how you used to be young
Thank you for always being a friend I can count on. Happy birthday!
I can’t think of a better gift than my friendship. Happy birthday!
Smart, good looking, and funny! But enough about me. Happy birthday!
If you’re getting old, that means I am, too! Happy birthday bestie
My birthday wish for you is that your hangover tomorrow isn't too bad
Wishing you a birthday that's as epic as you are. No pressure or anything!
You're another year older, but definitely not any wiser. Happy birthday bestie!
Here's to another year of getting up to no good together! Happy Birthday bestie
Happy birthday to the most fabulous woman I know. Oh wait, it’s not my birthday!
You don’t look a day over 21! From a distance, with my eyes closed. Happy birthday!
You may no longer be considered young, but you'll always be immature. Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to a woman who's old enough to know better and young enough to not care
You know you're getting old when the candles on your cake cost more than the cake itself
Happy birthday! Remember, our age is just the number of years the world has been enjoying us!
Happy Birthday! You know, you don’t look that old. But then, you don’t look that young, either
They say the older you are, the smarter you become. At your age you must be a genius! Happy birthday!
Forget about the past, it cannot be changed; Forget about the present, you're not getting one. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday! I think you're supposed to get finer and wiser with age? Well, that's okay, there's always next year!
Wishing a very happy birthday to one of those rare people whose birthday I can remember even without a Facebook notification!
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