900+ Money Affirmations

I attract wealth
Health is wealth
Money is my friend
I am a money magnet
Money is drawn to me
Wealth and I are one
I manage money wisely
Wellness is my wealth
I will be free of debt
I am a magnet for money
I have a wealth mindset
Money and I are friends
Wealth is my way of life
I am surrounded by wealth
My actions generate wealth
Money and I are in harmony
I am a master of my wealth
Money loves being around me
I am worthy of great wealth
I manifest money like magic
I deserve financial success
I am open to receive wealth
I am unlimited in my wealth
Money comes to me with ease
Earning money is easy for me
I am open to receiving money
I embrace new income sources
I am financially independent
I deserve to make more money
I am abundant now and always
Health is my ultimate wealth
I get rich doing what I love
I am the master of my wealth
My wealth increases every day
I attract money like a magnet
My wealth knows no boundaries
My income grows exponentially
I attract wealth effortlessly
My income exceeds my expenses
I deserve financial abundance
I use money as a tool for good
I think about money positively
Every day, my income increases
My income increases constantly
I radiate financial prosperity
Wealth is pouring into my life
Wealth is expanding in my life
My income constantly increases
Wealth and abundance flow to me
My wealth shines from within me
Money flows easily into my life
I embrace wealth and prosperity
My wealth is constantly growing
I work hard to gain more wealth
Money loves me and I love money
I radiate prosperity and wealth
I am an excellent money manager
I am worthy of financial success
I am deserving of massive wealth
Financial well-being is my right
Prosperity flows to me endlessly
I love money, and money loves me
I am worthy of making more money
I am free from worry about money
My bank account constantly grows
Every day, I attract more wealth
I am a master of wealth creation
My wealth grows every single day
I am financially free and secure
I embrace new avenues for income
Financial blessings rain upon me
Every day my wealth is expanding
My bank account is always growing
Money loves to multiply around me
My income rises higher and higher
I am worthy of wealth and success
My future is brimming with wealth
Greater wealth is on its way to me
I am financially stable and secure
I am worthy of financial abundance
My income is constantly increasing
Everything I touch turns into gold
Wealth creation is within my power
My financial growth is unstoppable
The wealth of the universe is mine
I am surrounded by a sea of wealth
I am the master of wealth building
I am financially secure and stable
I am prosperous in everything I do
My wealth grows stronger every day
Every step I take adds to my wealth
My income is continually increasing
I am deserving of making more money
My financial growth knows no bounds
Wealth circulates in my life freely
Wealth is my natural state of being
I always choose financial abundance
Money constantly flows into my life
Financial opportunities seek me out
My wealth positively impacts others
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