700+ Happiness Affirmations

I love my life
I am full of joy
I am happy to be me
I choose to be happy
I deserve to be happy
Joy blossoms within me
Joy is my natural state
I find joy in every day
Happiness and I are one
Positivity brings me joy
I am happy when traveling
My happiness is limitless
I embrace happiness daily
I create my own happiness
I am allowed to feel good
Happiness is my birthright
I spread joy wherever I go
My happiness is contagious
My joy knows no boundaries
My happiness is a priority
Joy is the pulse of my life
My heart sings songs of joy
I choose joy in every moment
Health and happiness are one
I radiate happiness and love
I get rich doing what I love
I radiate love and happiness
I radiate joy and positivity
My life is a joyful adventure
I choose to be happy every day
Iā€™m calm, happy, and content
My joyous energy is infectious
I am in charge of my happiness
Happiness springs from my core
My happiness grows from within
I deserve happiness in my life
My happiness comes from within
My life is full of contentment
Joy is the essence of my being
I find joy in the little things
I am surrounded by love and joy
I am in control of my happiness
Happiness is the path I walk on
My soul is illuminated with joy
I deserve happiness and success
My aura radiates pure happiness
I am the keeper of infinite joy
I rejoice in the beauty of life
I am worthy of happiness and joy
My smile reflects the joy within
I am the architect of my own joy
My life is filled with happiness
When I smile I make others happy
Positivity leads me to happiness
I spread happiness wherever I go
My joy knows no bounds or limits
My lifestyle is healthy and happy
My happiness radiates from within
I am worthy of love and happiness
I am surrounded by sources of joy
I bask in the glow of endless joy
Joy flows through me like a river
Happiness and I walk hand in hand
I deserve to be happy and healthy
I cherish the simple joys of life
My spirit glows with an inner joy
I can be happy at any age or size
My joy is limitless and boundless
I embrace the joy of living daily
Happiness flows to and through me
I attract happiness like a magnet
I am a master weaver of happiness
I choose joy in every circumstance
My foundation is built on pure joy
I am in charge of my own happiness
Today, and every day, I choose joy
I am a vessel overflowing with joy
I deserve to be happy in my career
The seeds of joy blossom within me
I am filled with joy and happiness
Happiness is a choice I make daily
Every smile I share doubles my joy
I am a curator of my own happiness
I dive deep into the oceans of joy
My footprints leave a trail of joy
With open arms, I welcome happiness
I am happy and grateful to be alive
I swim in an ocean of boundless joy
The stories of my joy are legendary
Happiness brings out my true beauty
I cherish the joyous rhythm of life
I dance to the eternal tunes of joy
I am deserving of happiness and joy
I embrace happiness in all its forms
With happiness, I light up the world
The winds of change bring fresh joys
I plant seeds of happiness every day
I am the creator of my own happiness
My happiness grows stronger each day
My soul thrives in the garden of joy
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