400 Relaxation Affirmations

I am safe
My body is calm
I am in control
I love relaxing
I go with the flow
I feel very relaxed
I choose to feel calm
I am calm and relaxed
I feel deeply relaxed
I am free from stress
I am relaxed and calm
I am calm and peaceful
My muscles are relaxed
I choose to be relaxed
All is well in my world
Everything will be fine
I feel happy and relaxed
Relaxation is productive
I feel complete serenity
I am relaxed and at peace
It's okay to take a break
I am focused and at peace
Relaxation is easy for me
It's OK to need alone time
Everything is under control
Peaceful energy envelops me
I breathe in, I breathe out
I feel peaceful and relaxed
My mind is calm and at ease
I let go of workplace stress
Nothing can disturb my peace
When I feel stressed, I relax
My body is completely relaxed
I love it when I feel relaxed
All my troubles are behind me
I radiate peace and relaxation
I am cool, calm, and collected
I feel deeply calm and relaxed
I am anchored in a sea of calm
I deserve peace and tranquility
My breathing is slow and steady
I deserve of rest and relaxation
I release all tension in my body
I am radiating peace and harmony
I am calm, relaxed, and at peace
My home is a haven for relaxation
I release all tension and anxiety
I am in harmony with the universe
I feel relaxed and ready to sleep
My breathing is slow and I am calm
I am relaxing each part of my body
I know when I need to take it easy
I release tension with each exhale
I give myself permission to unwind
I feel calm, relaxed, and at peace
It feels great to unwind and relax
I release fear, tension, and stress
I speak with a relaxed, clear voice
Peace surrounds me in all that I do
My sleep is relaxing and refreshing
Relaxation is the rhythm of my soul
My body and mind sync in relaxation
My mind and body deserve relaxation
I am relaxed when speaking publicly
Peace and calm are my natural states
I take time to relax while traveling
I am in control of my own relaxation
I breathe deeply, slowly, and evenly
I am in a sacred space of relaxation
It feels good to be calm and relaxed
I am 100% relaxed at this very moment
I give myself permission to slow down
I relax and enjoy the journey of life
I am deserving of rest and relaxation
I am calm, relaxed, and ready to rest
My mind and body are calm and relaxed
I am at peace with the present moment
The universe cradles me in relaxation
I embrace relaxation in all its forms
I release all the tension from my body
My body is relaxed and ready for sleep
I am calm, breathing slowly and deeply
My mind, body, and soul are in harmony
I am in a state of complete relaxation
Being in control of my time relaxes me
My mind is calm and my body is relaxed
Relaxation is my sanctuary, my retreat
I am present, calm, and deeply relaxed
I am relaxed and confident when I talk
I am deserving of breaks and relaxation
Every breath I take fills me with peace
Today, I choose relaxation over tension
I release stress and embrace relaxation
I welcome relaxation with an open heart
Relaxation is the wind beneath my wings
My inner world is a haven of relaxation
I find solace in the arms of relaxation
I am releasing the tension from my body
I release tension and invite relaxation
I am calm and relaxed in all situations
I am at peace with myself and the world
I choose serenity and peace over stress
I am enveloped in a cloud of relaxation
My sanctuary of relaxation is within me
I release all tension with every exhale
I am worthy of relaxation and self-care
I give myself a break whenever I need it
I am able to relax and let go of anxiety
I choose to be human rather than perfect
My body is relaxed, and my mind is still
I make time for self-care and relaxation
I am a beacon of calmness and relaxation
Every moment of calm adds joy to my life
I am calm and relaxed in every situation
I am attuned to the rhythm of relaxation
I attract peaceful and relaxing energies
Stillness and calm are my guiding forces
I am at ease and feel completely relaxed
My mind is clear, and my body is relaxed
I am surrounded by peace and tranquility
I choose peace and relaxation over chaos
My breath guides me to deeper relaxation
I am in tune with my need for relaxation
I am a sanctuary of peace and relaxation
Tranquility fills my mind, body, and soul
My body language is confident and relaxed
I release all expectations and just relax
I deserve a stress free and peaceful life
As I relax in my mind, I relax in my body
I deserve rest, relaxation, and self-care
In stillness, I connect with the universe
I sail on the serene waters of relaxation
I am enveloped in waves of calming energy
Relaxation strengthens and revitalizes me
I find peace and tranquility within myself
Others see me as a calm and relaxed person
My mind is at ease and my soul is at peace
I create time and space in my day for rest
I nourish my soul with moments of quietude
I feel relaxation throughout my whole body
I am present in this moment, fully relaxed
I feel relaxed and confident when I travel
My room is a haven of peace and relaxation
I am deserving of relaxation and self-care
My soul’s echo resonates with relaxation
Relaxation is part of my self-care routine
My spirit is light, and my body is at ease
My sleep space is a sanctuary of relaxation
I honor my need for downtime and relaxation
Relaxation rejuvenates my energy and spirit
I embrace the silent whispers of relaxation
I find it easy to relax my mind and my body
The universe supports my relaxation journey
Feeling calm and relaxed is my normal state
My body is deserving of rest and relaxation
Relaxation is my birthright, and I claim it
I release all tension from my body and mind
My relaxation is a priority, and I honor it
I let go of tension and embrace tranquility
I deserve to relax, unwind, and be at peace
Relaxation is a gift I give to myself daily
My relaxation is deep, genuine, and healing
I am in the present moment, and all is well
It’s easy for me to stay calm and relaxed
I am grateful for this moment of relaxation
Nothing can disturb my peace and relaxation
I am a beacon, radiating waves of relaxation
Embracing relaxation, I find my true essence
I cherish the moments of stillness in my day
I give myself permission to relax and unwind
I deserve relaxation and freedom from stress
Tranquility is a touchstone of my daily life
I allow myself to relax fully and completely
In moments of stillness, I find my true self
I let go of all stress, embracing only peace
I manifest moments of peace in my daily life
Relaxation and I are one, in perfect harmony
I find it easy to calm myself down and relax
I release any anxieties and embrace calmness
I am relaxing every part of my body and mind
I am enveloped in a cocoon of peace and calm
Breathing deeply and slowly helps me to relax
The universe sends waves of relaxation my way
Today, I will take time to recharge and relax
I am centered, grounded, and entirely at ease
My bedroom is a haven of peace and relaxation
My environment supports my relaxation journey
Every cell in my body is relaxed and at peace
I release all worries and embrace inner peace
Serenity and peace are always within my reach
Relaxation flows like a river through my soul
Relaxation flows through every cell of my body
I breathe in relaxation and exhale any tension
I bask in the golden rays of serene relaxation
I release anxiety and stress with every exhale
I embrace moments of relaxation with gratitude
I am relaxing and feeling more and more sleepy
I honor my body's need for rest and relaxation
I am an ambassador of the universal relaxation
I find profound peace in moments of relaxation
I cherish and prioritize my relaxation rituals
I find peace and relaxation through meditation
I treasure every moment of stillness in my day
Relaxation is the compass that directs my soul
At this moment, I am free from stress or worry
My goal is inner peace and complete relaxation
I float effortlessly in the ocean of relaxation
Every moment of relaxation diminishes my stress
In the canvas of life, relaxation paints my joy
Every corner of my mind is bathed in relaxation
My heart rate slows, and serenity fills my soul
I am deserving of moments of peace and serenity
Relaxation is the key to my balance and harmony
I drink from the fountain of eternal relaxation
The essence of relaxation is etched in my being
My muscles are relaxed, and my mind is at peace
Relaxation flows naturally within and around me
Relaxation is the symphony that soothes my soul
My mantra is calmness, serenity, and relaxation
I give my mind the rest and relaxation it needs
I deserve joy, peace, and moments of relaxation
I am able to relax and unwind while on vacation
I am in a sanctuary of stillness and relaxation
With mindfulness, I dive deeper into relaxation
Every step I take is towards deeper tranquility
I am deserving of deep, rejuvenating relaxation
My journey is adorned with pearls of relaxation
I breathe in relaxation and breathe out tension
I find peace and happiness living a simple life
I deserve the tranquility that relaxation brings
Relaxation is the universe’s love letter to me
Relaxation brings clarity and balance to my life
The universe gifts me moments of pure relaxation
I am in a state of complete and utter relaxation
The universe celebrates my moments of relaxation
Calmness washes over me with every breath I take
I give myself permission to do nothing right now
I release all tension and embrace my inner peace
I find wisdom in the still moments of relaxation
I give myself permission to relax and do nothing
The symphony of the stars sings relaxation to me
Every fiber of my being vibrates with relaxation
Every moment of relaxation adds to my well-being
I give thanks for the serenity that surrounds me
Every breath I take guides me closer to serenity
I am in alignment with energies of peace and calm
Every day, I find moments to relax and rejuvenate
I embrace relaxation as my natural state of being
I remain calm and relaxed in stressful situations
My essence vibrates with the rhythm of relaxation
My relaxation techniques always counter my stress
My journey is filled with relaxation and serenity
My heart beats in harmonious tunes of tranquility
Letting go of tension, I find profound relaxation
I trust in my ability to find relaxation and calm
I am deserving of rest, relaxation, and self-care
My spirit finds refuge in the oasis of relaxation
I feel relaxed and at ease when I meet new people
I enjoy giving myself the gift of deep relaxation
I have done enough for today, it is time to relax
Every muscle in my body is releasing and relaxing
My bedroom is a sanctuary for rest and relaxation
With each breath, I invite calmness into my being
Each moment of relaxation heals and rejuvenates me
The dance of relaxation moves gracefully within me
My bedroom is a place of relaxation and deep sleep
My inner peace is reflected in my relaxed demeanor
I let go of distractions and immerse in relaxation
I let go of all stress and feel completely relaxed
Each breath I take lulls me deeper into relaxation
I let go of all worries, embracing only relaxation
I am grateful for the power of rest and relaxation
I am grounded in the present moment, fully relaxed
I am grateful for this time to rest and rejuvenate
I am a guardian of the sacred temple of relaxation
I am very comfortable just doing nothing right now
I give myself permission to relax and sleep soundly
I am calm and relaxed, even in stressful situations
I can quiet my mind and my thoughts whenever I want
My path is illuminated with relaxation and serenity
The energy of relaxation permeates every part of me
I am worthy of the rest and relaxation sleep brings
With every heartbeat, I sink deeper into relaxation
The universe and I paint masterpieces of relaxation
I can find calmness and relaxation in any situation
I allow myself to take regular breaks during my day
Tranquility washes over me with every breath I take
Relaxation is the gentle touch that heals my spirit
I know when to relax and not take life so seriously
I am in a state of deep relaxation, ready for sleep
Every thought I have guides me deeper into serenity
I am free to let go of stress and embrace relaxation
I am worthy of taking time off to relax and recharge
I trust the universe, allowing myself to relax fully
My body is relaxed, and I am sinking into deep sleep
My spirit dances joyously in the realm of relaxation
The cosmos plays melodies of relaxation for my heart
I am a vessel, filled with the essence of relaxation
Relaxation is the lighthouse guiding my inner voyage
I am capable of achieving a state of deep relaxation
Relaxation is the gentle caress of the cosmic breeze
The universe whispers serenity, and I listen intently
My relaxation rituals bring me closer to my true self
I cultivate spaces of peace and relaxation in my life
With gratitude, I sink into the embrace of relaxation
My path is paved with moments of peace and relaxation
Rest is work, too. It’s a job that needs to be done
My muscles are relaxed, and my body is ready for sleep
Every day, I discover new ways to relax and rejuvenate
My spirit soars freely in the vast skies of relaxation
In the garden of life, relaxation blossoms beautifully
All is well in my world. I am calm, happy, and content
I am worthy of experiencing a deep sense of relaxation
I am open to receiving deep relaxation and tranquility
I prioritize rest and relaxation to recharge my energy
Letting go of worries brings me deeper into relaxation
The universe and I co-create moments of pure relaxation
I choose to be calm and relaxed in front of my audience
I use deep breathing to help me relax and handle stress
I am able to find relaxation and calmness within myself
I inhale peace and harmony. I exhale stress and worries
I am feeling a sense of deep inner peace and relaxation
I release all tension and stress and embrace relaxation
I release all stress and tension with each breath I take
Every inhale brings peace, every exhale releases tension
The universe sprinkles magic in my moments of relaxation
I release tension and embrace a state of deep relaxation
My patience helps me to be relaxed and calm at all times
Meditation and relaxation are high priorities in my life
The universe wraps me in its silken embrace of relaxation
I am deserving of a life filled with relaxation and peace
The tapestry of the cosmos stitches relaxation in my soul
Through relaxation techniques, I combat stress effectively
I am grateful for the healing power of rest and relaxation
I take a deep breath in, then slowly release it as I relax
The tapestry of my life is woven with threads of relaxation
The universe cradles me in its gentle embrace of relaxation
I am totally relaxed and confident when speaking to a group
My spirit is calm, my body is relaxed, and my mind is still
I am comfortable with silence and enjoy moments of solitude
I am able to relax my mind and body, and find inner calmness
I let go of all resistance and find ease and flow in my life
As I close my eyes, I feel a wave of relaxation wash over me
I smile because it helps me to feel more relaxed and at ease
I am deserving of the rest and relaxation that sleep provides
I am deserving of rest and relaxation, without guilt or shame
I am capable of finding peace and relaxation in any situation
With each breath, I move closer to a state of deep relaxation
I choose to let go of stress and embrace peace and relaxation
Relaxation is the golden thread connecting me to the universe
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